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Protect your vehicle with body protection film


What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a transparent film, generally made of polyurethane (TPU), specially designed to protect your car's paintwork and varnish. It can be applied to the areas most at risk of damage, such as the bonnet, wings, rear-view mirrors and bumpers, as well as to the bodywork as a whole.

This technology is widely recognised today by professionals in the automotive sector, particularly for protecting luxury cars, sports vehicles and everyday cars. The Dfense Protection brand recommended by Shiftech offers superior performance in terms of resistance, durability and rendering, guaranteeing you optimum protection against external aggression.

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Pre-cut film

To ensure risk-free installation of body protection film, we recommend that you opt for a pre-cut format. These are kits specifically designed for each model of car, cut out using a plotter with the help of a template established by our software. This guarantees perfect finishes and optimum adaptation to the curves and contours of your vehicle, while eliminating the risk of cutter marks on the bodywork.

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Paint Protection Film

The benefits of car protection film

Protection against scratches Protection against scratches

the film forms a barrier between the paintwork and external hazards, such as tree branches, door knocks, nail scratches under door handles and acts of vandalism such as keys being struck against the bodywork.

Resistance to gravel impact Resistance to gravel impact

When driving at high speed, stones thrown up by other vehicles can cause considerable damage to the bodywork. The film protects against these impacts and limits the risk of damage. This is an undeniable advantage whether your vehicle is on the road or on a circuit.

Protection against abrasion and ultraviolet rays Protection against abrasion and ultraviolet rays

the transparent protective film also preserves the colour and shine of your vehicle by forming a barrier against the harmful effects of the sun and daily wear and tear. If you wish to have your film removed, your bodywork will look just as it did when you had it fitted.

Self-healing Self-healing

bodywork protection film has "self-healing" properties. In the event of minor scratches, the heat of the sun or hot water allows the film to regenerate and regain its original appearance. So you'll always have perfect bodywork.

Extreme shine Extreme shine

The gloss films in the PPF Dfense range add an extra shine to your bodywork. With a gloss level of 103%, PrizmUltra and PrizmLarge films catch the light rays and reflect them back to create that extra shine.

Easy to maintain Easy to maintain

The hydrophobic treatment in the composition of Dfense Protection films makes the PPF surface less rough than paint. This makes it harder for liquids and other dirt to adhere to the surface of the film, making it easier to clean and, above all, less frequent.


Which elements should be protected? The choice is yours

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Complete vehicle

A partir de 3799€

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Front panel

A partir de 1099€

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A partir de 449€

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Black or Carbon roof

A partir de 399€

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Rocker panel

A partir de 299€

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A partir de 199€

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A partir de 99€


The key stages in installing a PPF at Shiftech





The success of the PPF installation depends largely on the quality of the vehicle preparation and the skills of the technician. Here are the different steps required for a successful installation:

Cleaning the vehicle: before anything else, the car must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, insects and residues that could prevent the film from adhering properly.

Clay decontamination: this stage ensures that the surface is perfectly clean and degreased, so that the film adheres better to the bodywork.

Application of the protective film: the specialist technician then proceeds with the application method, gradually removing the application gel and air bubbles between the film and the bodywork to ensure optimum adhesion.

Drying and checking: finally, once the film has been applied, it should be left to dry before being carefully checked to make sure there are no imperfections. If necessary, finishing touches will be applied.

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Range of films

Gloss, Matt, Carbon, Black... ?

Shiftech installs protective film from the Dfense Protection brand. Its complete range is available in several finishes.




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