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Flex fuel

E85 Flex fuel


E85, Bioethanol, Flexfuel?

First of all, bioethanol is a biofuel produced from plants rich in sugar (beet, sugar cane) or starch (maize, wheat). E85 fuel, also known as bioethanol or superethanol, is a blend of biofuel and petrol.

Ethanol reprogramming, commonly known as ethanol conversion or e85 flexfuel, represents a remarkable advance for drivers wishing to adopt a more ecological and economical driving style. This method adjusts the engine to run on bioethanol, a renewable fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while improving the car's performance

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E85 Flex+

The best of both worlds

For those looking to combine eco-responsibility with enhanced performance, Shiftech is the undisputed leader in engine reprogramming adapted to ethanol.

With expertise built up over many years of experience, Shiftech offers Flex+ conversion, an advanced formula that goes beyond simple ethanol reprogramming.

This service does more than simply convert your vehicle to ethanol; it also includes a significant increase in engine power, providing an optimised and dynamic driving experience. Rely on Shiftech's expertise for a more advanced ethanol reprogramming and a result that exceeds your expectations.

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How do I convert my vehicle to e85 flexfuel?

Ethanol conversion can be carried out on most petrol vehicles with indirect or direct injection engines. There are two main methods for converting your engine to run on bioethanol.

Electronic ECU reprogramming

E85 conversion involves modifying the parameters of the engine management ECU to optimise the operation of the injection and ignition systems according to the fuel used. This is the most effective and economical solution. If your vehicle is not compatible, you can turn to a conversion box.

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E85 ethanol conversion kit

The ethanol boxes we offer enable your petrol vehicle to be converted to Superethanol E85. The systems we provide have been approved and recognised by the government for over ten years.


The advantages of bioethanol conversion

Ecology Ecology

converting to biethanol means using a predominantly renewable fuel that reduces consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. Its production is more environmentally friendly than that of petrol. Driving on ethanol reduces pollutant emissions by an average of 50%. Turning to bioethanol also means supporting local agriculture and the French economy.

Savings Savings

The price of E85 is around half that of petrol. Even allowing for a 20% increase in fuel consumption, choosing this solution is still worthwhile. For a car with an average consumption of 7 litres/100 km and driving 20,000 km a year, the saving is around €1,000. The return on investment from the conversion is therefore achieved in just a few months.

Flexibility Flexibility

The advantage of converting to biethanol is that you can drive with a clear head. You don't have to worry about finding a station that offers E85. Flex-fuel conversion makes your vehicle compatible with ethanol, petrol or a mixture of the two fuels, in any proportion. Your vehicle's lambda sensors enable it to adapt automatically to the chosen fuel.


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