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A new dimension to navigation

At Shiftech, we understand the importance of power in the boating world. Our engine reprogramming optimises the performance of jet skis and boats, giving you more power for an unprecedented boating experience. With improved engine response, every outing on the water becomes more exciting and reassuring, allowing you to get out of big waves with ease and sail with greater confidence, especially in changing conditions.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a leisurely sailor, reprogramming adapts your boat or jet-ski to your needs.


Sail further, save more

Efficiency is the key to successful boating. Our engine chiptuning reduces your boat's fuel consumption, allowing you to cover longer distances without the constant worry of refuelling. This translates not only into significant savings but also into greater autonomy at sea, giving you the freedom to sail further.

It also helps to reduce pollutant emissions. So sailing becomes a more environmentally-friendly activity, in line with the values of sustainability and ecological responsibility.

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Shiftech reprogrammation moteur jetski kawasaki stx160x atelier remorque 2250 1


Unleash your engine's true potential

We know that many outboard and inboard engines on the market are often restricted by manufacturers, as part of a range segmentation strategy. This process is commonly used in the industry to maximise profitability. In effect, manufacturers produce the same basic engine, which they then flange at different power levels to create distinct versions. This approach enables them to reduce production costs by standardising components, while offering a varied range of engines to their customers.

Our reprogramming expertise can unlock the hidden potential of these engines, offering a significant increase in power and efficiency. In reality, these clamped engines have a reserve of power that is not exploited because of the electronic clamps installed by the manufacturers.


Our commitments


Our engine optimisations are developed using the latest reprogramming tools and validated on a state-of-the-art power bench, ensuring precise, optimum adjustment for each mapping.

Professionalism Professionalism

With a rigorous approach and meticulous attention to detail, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Every interaction with us reflects our commitment to excellence and total customer satisfaction.

Expertise Expertise

Our expertise is the fruit of 15 years' experience. Our specialist technicians have in-depth knowledge of mechanics and electronics, ensuring that your boat is in expert hands.

Reliability Reliability

Reliability is the cornerstone of our commitment. We make sure that every modification is carried out reliably for your boat. With Shiftech, push the limits with confidence.

Performance Performance

Performance is our passion. We aim to transform your sailing experience by increasing power, torque and responsiveness. Our reprogrammings are designed to maximise your engine's potential.

Update Update

For five years, Shiftech is committed to guaranteeing the peace of mind of its customers throughout the network. We ensure that our made-to-measure cartography functions optimally. If necessary, the system is returned to its original, prepared state at no extra cost.
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Shiftech answers your questions!

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Do you have questions about engine optimisation, performance or the exclusive services offered by Shiftech? Then you've come to the right place. Our FAQ is designed to provide you with clear and precise answers, directly from our engine reprogramming experts.

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