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Chiptuning Alpine A110 2017 1.8 TCE 252HP Tours - Reprogramming Alpine A110 2017 Petrol 1.8 TCE 252HP choice of model Configuration

Illustration A110
Figures Power Torque
Original: 252HP 320Nm
Gain: +33HP +60Nm
Tuned : 285HP 380Nm

Here are the results after reprogramming of the engine control unit. We ensure the tolerances set by the manufacturer for the engine and gearbox are not exceeded.

Figures Power Torque
Original: 252HP 320Nm
Gain: +300HP +330Nm
Tuned : 552HP 650Nm

Stage 2 is a tuning of the engine management which takes into account different installed parts. In the case of a petrol engine, this is an exhaust / downpipe change with or without catalyst. An intercooler and / or air filter can complement the exhaust / downpipe.

Prices on request
Figures Power Torque
Original: 252HP 320Nm
Gain: +0HP +0Nm
E85 Flex fuel : 252HP 320Nm

The E85 flex-fuel tuning allows your vehicle to run on two types of fuel: bio-ethanol, gasoline or both fuels simultaneously. Further to the optimization of the engine mapping, your engine will adapt its operation according to the amount of bio-ethanol injected. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
When the E85 conversion is not possible at the level of engine mapping, an additional flex-fuel box can be offered as an option.

Figures Power Torque
Original: 252HP 320Nm
Gain: +33HP +60Nm
E85 Flex + : 285HP 380Nm

The E85 flex + preparation combines reprogramming and E85 flex-fuel conversion. You will therefore recover a more efficient vehicle that can run on E85 fuel or gasoline. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
In some cases, flex-fuel conversion can not be combined with standard reprogramming.

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Air filter BMC Logo

What does the sports air filter do? For good combustion, the fuel and air must be free of impurities. By its design, the sports air filter improves the performance of your vehicle by optimising the flow of air to the engine. Unlike a conventional paper air filter, the sports air filter is made of cotton and can be washed.

Power curve

Power curve

The role of the ShifTech motor mechanic is to enhance the settings while trying to obtain the most homogeneous and coherent curve possible. The power and torque curves for the preparation of your vehicle are placed in good hands and discussed individually.
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Each SHIFTECH reprogramming operation is preceded and succeeded by putting the vehicle on a Cartec 4x4 1,200 HP dynamometer. The dynamometer serves two purposes:

  • to measure accurately the torque and power the vehicle develops before and after reprogramming;
  • to detect any problems with the vehicle: seized turbo, torque too high, clogged airflow metre or air filter.

The test bench is equipped with a 60,000 m³/h fan in order to replicate road conditions as closely as possible.


We offer free updates of the mapping and to return the vehicle to its original state if it’s going to be sold. These updates are effectives for 5 years. We guarantee a power and torque increase after reprogramming, provided the engine is in good condition and servicing has been carried out at the right time. If your engine management system is updated by your dealer, we will reprogramme it free of charge based on the update.


In order to provide the best conditions for waiting, each ShifTech centre has a waiting room equipped with WiFi, magazines and a TV. Drinks are also on offer. If you prefer, you can leave your vehicle in the morning and collect it again at the end of the day.

Comments of our engineer

Torque voluntarily limited to 380Nm for the dualclutch gearbox 7 speed DW5-7.


Your gain

+33HP / +60Nm 285HP / 380Nm
Your price incl. VAT VAT 20% 690€ incl. VAT

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