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Protect your vehicle with a ceramic treatment


Top-of-the-range vehicle protection

Having a vehicle is great; keeping it in perfect condition is even better. Whether you've just bought a new vehicle or a second-hand model, the question of how to protect it is paramount. With Shiftech, give yourself the means to protect your vehicle.

For long-term protection of your vehicle, opt for ceramic treatment.

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Market leaders for the best of your project

At Shiftech, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our detailing service. To ensure that your results meet your expectations, we use only the best professional products on the market, such as Gyeon, Kamikaze and Krytex.

These top-of-the-range brands enable us to provide optimum protection and a perfect finish for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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The benefits of ceramic protection

The ceramic treatment forms an effective, long-lasting protective film against external aggressions: temperature variations, humidity, stains, scratches, etc. Unlike a simple wax, the ceramic coating is chemically bonded to the treated surface, giving you the guarantee oflong-lasting shine and resistance .

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Which elements should be protected? The choice is yours

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Complete vehicle

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The key stages in laying ceramic tiles





The success of the ceramic installation depends largely on the quality of the vehicle preparation and the skills of the technician. Here are the different steps required for a successful installation:

Cleaning the vehicle: before anything else, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, insects and residues that could prevent the treatment from adhering properly.

Preparation: this stage ensures that the surface is perfectly clean and degreased (decontaminated and polished), so that the protection adheres better to the bodywork.

Application: the specialist technician then proceeds to apply the product methodically, a crucial stage in the process.

Drying and wiping: finally, once the treatment has been applied, it should be left to dry before being carefully checked to ensure there are no imperfections. If necessary, finishing touches can be applied.

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Effective protection
for all types of vehicles

Shiftech offers ceramic treatments for all vehicles: cars, motorbikes, lorries, motorhomes and jet-skis.

The treatment protects all the components of your vehicle: bodywork, seats, passenger compartment, rims and windows.


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