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Your tinted windows are legal with Shiftech

Tinted windows, also known as solar film, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their use has become commonplace, not least because of their many benefits. As well as enhancing the appearance of vehicles, they offer protection against the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, increase occupant safety and allow better interior temperature management.

What is solar film?

Solar film is an adhesive film designed to be applied to vehicle windows. It is generally made from reflective materials such as polyester, which blocks a significant proportion of the rays while giving the windows a tinted appearance. Depending on the model, these films can offer different levels of protection and tinting.

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Paint Protection Film

The benefits of car protection film

UV protection UV protection

One of the main functions of sun protection film is to protect vehicle occupants from UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun can be harmful to health, leading to skin cancer and premature ageing. Solar films offer an excellent means of protection by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Anti-burglary films Anti-burglary films

Give your car extra security with burglar-resistant films. These coatings increase the strength of the glazing, making it more difficult to break in. In the event of an impact, they also help to prevent the glass from shattering, providing extra protection for occupants and objects inside the vehicle.

Interior comfort Interior comfort

When the sun shines on the windows of a vehicle, it causes the air inside to heat up, making the passenger compartment uncomfortable and increasing the use of air conditioning. Solar film helps to regulate temperature by reducing the heat energy entering the passenger compartment, thereby improving passenger comfort.
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Legislation on tinted windows

All the front windows of a vehicle must allow at least 70% of light through. This rule also applies to solar films applied to windows.

There are no specific restrictions on the tint level of the vehicle's rear and side windows, so you can opt for maximum tint. Be careful, however, about the comfort of your passengers. High levels of window tint are not suitable for everyone. Our technicians are here to advise you.


Prices for our solar films

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Front windows

A partir de 149€

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3/4 rear

A partir de 249€

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Complete car

A partir de 279€

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Complete car

A partir de 299€


Have your tinted windows fitted at a Shiftech centre

Although some individuals opt to install solar films themselves, it is strongly recommended that they call in a professional for this type of installation. Shiftech, a car window tinting professional, has the right equipment to carry out an installation that complies with legislation, and offers an installation guarantee. We can advise you according to your needs.

To choose the right type of solar film for your car, it's essential to take into account your personal needs in terms of protection, safety and aesthetics. Finally, don't forget that tinted films must be fitted and applied by an experienced professional to guarantee a satisfactory result.

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