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Protection for car windows

How do you protect your windscreen?

At Shiftech, we understand the importance of safety and comfort to your driving experience. Our windscreen protection film is not just an accessory; it's everyday protection. Discover the undeniable benefits of this innovative product.

Invisible and invicible

What is windscreen protection film?

Windscreen protection film is a coating applied to a vehicle's windscreen to protect it. It is generally made from materials such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which make it resistant to impacts, scratches and other damage caused by the elements. This film also has hydrophobic properties, repelling water and improving visibility in wet weather. It also helps to filter out harmful UV rays and maintain a stable interior temperature, which can reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and improve driving comfort.

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Paint Protection Film

The benefits of windscreen protection film

Impact protection Impact protection

Resists road debris, reducing the risk of cracks and scratches.

Hydrophobic properties Hydrophobic properties

Repels water, improving visibility in wet weather.

UV filtration UV filtration

Protects the interior of the vehicle and passengers from harmful UV rays.

Durability Durability

Provides long-lasting protection without the need for frequent replacement.

Anti-scratch Anti-scratch

Prevent the appearance of wiper marks caused by frequent use.

Easy to maintain Easy to maintain

Mosquitoes and other dirt will be easier to get rid of. Tedious cleaning at the petrol station will be a thing of the past.


The key stages in fitting windscreen protection at Shiftech





Successful installation of windscreen protection film depends essentially on meticulous preparation of the vehicle and the expertise of the technician. Here are the key steps for successful installation:

  • Cleaning the windscreen: The first crucial step is to meticulously clean the windscreen to remove all traces of dirt, insects and other residues. This ensures that nothing will obstruct the film's adhesion.
  • Windscreen decontamination: This additional step ensures that the surface is impeccably clean and degreased, allowing the film to adhere perfectly to the glass.
  • Application of the Protective Film: The specialist technician then applies the film with precision, gradually removing the application gel and air bubbles to ensure a flawless bond.
  • Drying and Final Inspection: After application, the film must be allowed to dry. It is then carefully inspected to ensure that there are no imperfections, and retouched if necessary.

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Shiftech keeps you on the move!

Would you like to fully protect your vehicle?

Shiftech has become an official fitter for Dfense Protection PPF, a tried and tested brand of top-of-the-range body protection film.




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