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The history of a brand born of one driver's passion

For over 30 years, Akrapovič has established itself as an international leader in the field of premium exhaust systems for motorbikes and cars. Thanks to its talent, passion and constant innovation, this Slovenian brand has captured the hearts of riders around the world and become a key player in the world of two-wheelers.

It was in 1990 that Igor Akrapovič, then a motocross racer and tuner, decided to set up his own company specialising in motorbike exhausts. Having encountered certain limitations with the products available on the market, he wanted to design high-performance, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing exhaust systems. Working mainly with steel tubes, Igor Akrapovič quickly succeeded in developing innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of motorcyclists.

Rapid international expansion

From the very first years of its existence, the eponymous brand won over professionals and made a name for itself beyond Slovenia's borders. Akrapovič products can be found on international circuits, where they are used by many famous riders. The manufacturer quickly established itself as a specialist in motorbike exhausts, and demand continued to grow around the world.

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Know-how and performance

Akrapovič: recognised expertise in different market segments

Building on its reputation and unrivalled expertise, Akrapovič has constantly expanded its product range and reached out to new market segments. Today, the company is active in motocross, Moto GP and motor racing.

Over the years, Akrapovič has won the trust of professional riders, who appreciate the quality, performance and reliability of these premium exhaust systems. But this success is not limited to seasoned racers: many enthusiasts and amateurs have also adopted the Slovenian brand to equip their motorbikes on a daily basis, seduced by the elegant lines and technical expertise of Akrapovič products.

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Values to last!

Innovation and sustainable development: Akrapovič values

In a constantly evolving sector, Akrapovič relies on research and development to continue to improve its products and meet the new requirements of manufacturers and users. The company therefore attaches particular importance to innovation and sustainable development, seeking in particular to reduce the environmental footprint of its exhaust systems.

Ever-improving materials

To remain at the cutting edge of technology, Akrapovič is constantly exploring new materials and manufacturing processes. The company was a pioneer in the use of titanium, a light, strong material that significantly improves exhaust performance. Similarly, Akrapovič is constantly working to develop innovative solutions to optimise the weight/performance ratio of its products.

Akrapovic and motorbikes, a love story!

Why choose an Akrapovič exhaust system for your motorbike?

Opting for an Akrapovič exhaust means choosing a brand that combines expertise, passion and innovation to offer top-quality products. The premium exhaust systems designed by the Slovenian company are renowned for their performance, light weight and meticulous aesthetics.whether you're a professional rider or an amateur, Akrapovič will meet your expectations and enhance your motorcycling experience.

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A complete catalogue available!

Benefit from a wide choice of products

Akrapovič offers a complete range of exhaust systems suitable for different types of motorbikes and needs. Whether you're looking for an exhaust for motocross, circuit racing or for your everyday car or motorbike, you're bound to find the model that perfectly matches your expectations.

Put your trust in a reputable brand

When you choose an Akrapovič product, you benefit from the expertise and reliability of a world-renowned company. The Slovenian brand has established itself as a benchmark in the field of motorbike exhaust systems, and its products are acclaimed by professionals and enthusiasts alike. So you can be sure you're making the right choice by opting for an Akrapovič exhaust.