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The brand with a strong reputation

Milltek: The exhaust brand
for car enthusiasts

An international brand!

Presentation of the Milltek brand

Car enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best parts and accessories to improve their vehicle's performance. Among these, the exhaust is an essential component that can greatly influence a car's operation and performance. That's where Milltek comes in, a brand specialising in the design and manufacture of top-of-the-range exhaust systems.

Milletk is a British company specialising in the production of exhaust systems for cars. Since it was founded in 1983, the company has established itself as a benchmark for quality and performance thanks to its innovative, high-performance products. The brand is renowned for the quality of its materials and the finesse of its finishes, enabling it to offer exhaust solutions tailored to the needs of every driver.

Brand values

Milletk attaches particular importance to customer satisfaction, which is why it does everything in its power to offer high-quality products made from hard-wearing, durable materials. The company also pays close attention to the know-how of its teams to ensure a high level of skill and expertise in the design and manufacture of its exhaust systems.

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Know-how and quality

The Milltek product range

The Milltek brand offers a wide range of exhaust systems for different makes and models of car. Each product is designed to optimise vehicle performance in terms of power, torque and sound, while complying with current environmental standards. The different types of exhaust offered by the brand include :

  • Catback exhausts: These systems replace the rear part of the original exhaust, improving the flow of exhaust gases and offering a sportier sound.

  • Downpipes: These are fitted between the manifold and the catalytic converter and reduce back pressure, improving turbo response and boosting engine performance.

  • Intermediates: Placed between the catalytic converter and the rear silencer, they contribute to the smooth operation of the exhaust system by adjusting the flow of gases and providing a unique sound for each vehicle.

  • Manifolds: Also known as exhaust manifolds, their main function is to improve the flow of exhaust gases from the engine's cylinders, enabling them to be better evacuated and thus increasing the vehicle's overall performance.

The materials used by Milltek

Milltek attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used to manufacture its exhaust systems. The brand favours stainless steel in particular, renowned for its corrosion resistance and durability. This material also has the advantage of being lightweight, which improves vehicle performance by reducing its overall weight.

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Pure performance!

The importance of a high-performance
exhaust system

The exhaust system is crucial to the smooth running of a vehicle's engine. It evacuates the burnt gases produced by the combustion of fuel, while reducing the noise generated by this process. A high-performance exhaust system therefore makes it possible to :

  1. Improve engine performance: The optimised exhaust system facilitates the evacuation of gases, allowing the engine to 'breathe' better and therefore deliver more power and torque.

  2. Reduce fuel consumption: An efficient exhaust system also improves the flow of exhaust gases, encouraging more complete combustion of the fuel and therefore lower fuel consumption.

  3. Optimise the sound of the vehicle: A quality exhaust system can also have an impact on the sound of the engine, giving it a sportier, more pleasing note to the ear.

Quality and performance

Choosing Milltek for your exhaust system

Choosing a Milltek exhaust system means choosing quality and performance. Thanks to its expertise and top-of-the-range materials, the brand offers solutions tailored to every driver's needs, whether to improve vehicle performance or enhance its sound. What's more, Milltek offers a wide choice of products to suit all car models, so that everyone can find the exhaust system that best suits their needs and desires.


A complete catalogue available!

Benefit from a wide choice of products

Milltek offers a wide range of exhaust systems adapted to different types of motorbikes and vehicles, meeting a multitude of needs. Whether you're looking for an exhaust system for motocross, circuit racing, or for your everyday car or motorbike, Milltek offers a selection that will meet your expectations.

Put your trust in a reputable brand

When you choose a Milltek product, you benefit from the expertise and professionalism of a world-renowned company. This brand has established itself as a key player in the motorbike and vehicle exhaust systems sector, and its products are appreciated by professionals and enthusiasts alike. So you can be sure you're making the right choice when you choose a Milltek exhaust.

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