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The essential element

To significantly increase the power of your vehicle, it may be wise to consider installing one or more hybrid turbos. These devices are easily fitted in place of your original turbos, without the need for complex modifications. They are specially designed to optimise engine power and torque while minimising the risk of over-consumption and mechanical damage.

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High-performance fuel pump

To continue to increase the horsepower of your vehicle during a stage 3 engine reprogramming, the demand for fuel is much greater than that of an original vehicle. A standard fuel pump (high-pressure or low-pressure) can quickly prove insufficient to ensure optimum fuel supply to the engine when it is running at full load. It is therefore essential to replace the original pump with a high-performance fuel pump capable of delivering sufficient flow to meet the engine's needs.

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intercooler: guaranteeing performance and reliability

A heat exchanger is a key element in maintaining a good engine temperature during heavy use. It cools the air entering the engine, improving efficiency and reliability. A high-performance intercooler is therefore essential if you want to get the most out of your Stage 3 preparation.

  • More efficient cooling

  • Better turbo response thanks to a larger volume of fresh air

  • Improved overall motor efficiency

  • Increased protection against overheating


Exhaust line

A complete exhaust system is an effective way of improving your vehicle's performance during Stage 3 preparation. It reduces back pressure and optimises exhaust gas evacuation, resulting in increased power and torque. During a Stage 3, we recommend changing the diameter of the line pipe to improve gas evacuation and enhance performance.

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Optimised intake, breathe in performance

An efficient air intake is essential to ensure optimum engine performance. By improving the quantity and quality of the air entering the engine, an optimised intake provides a better air/fuel mixture and therefore maximises power and torque.

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Custom development on a power bench

Installing performance parts is essential, but without custom engine mapping, the effectiveness of these improvements is limited.

At Shiftech, we excel in the development of customised power dyno maps. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment to adjust and optimise each vehicle's settings, ensuring perfect harmony between the performance parts and the engine.

This approach guarantees not only an increase in performance, but also the reliability and durability of the vehicle, turning each modification into a significant and measured improvement.

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