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Chiptuning (also known as "remap", "engine remapping" or "engine management") is a technique that makes it possible to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and increase the driving pleasure of different types of vehicle.

Whether it's a car, a motorbike, a heavy goods vehicle, a tractor, a boat, a quad or even a jet-ski, this method offers significant advantages. We present the principles of reprogramming, the benefits and its applications.

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Engine control unit

What is engine reprogramming?

Reprog consists of modifying the engine's electronic management software, known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit), to improve performance and efficiency. Unlike an add-on box, which modifies very few parameters, we precisely adjust some sixty parameters such as injection, ignition, turbo pressure and many others to get the best out of the engine.

In most cases, manufacturers configure engines in a standard way to meet environmental standards and the constraints of different markets. However, these settings are not always optimal and can be improved thanks to our expertise.

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What are the advantages of engine reprogramming?

Improving performance Improving performance

One of the main benefits of our reprogramming is the improvement in power and torque. The result is improved acceleration and power availability over a wider engine range.


Reliability is our top priority. We guarantee that every modification made to your vehicle is reliable and safe. Push the limits with confidence!


Engine reprogramming enhances your driving experience. You benefit from quicker throttle response and improved performance. A smart choice for driving enthusiasts who demand more sportiness from their vehicle.

Fuel economy Fuel economy

Optimising engine efficiency not only improves performance, it can also lead to more efficient fuel consumption by adjusting the engine's parameters so that it operates at optimum efficiency. This can lead to substantial savings over the long term. E85 conversion, meanwhile, saves money by reducing the cost of a full tank of fuel by almost half.

Respect for the environment Respect for the environment

Engine reprogramming offers two ecological advantages. On the one hand, by optimising engine comfort and efficiency, it reduces fuel consumption. Secondly, by converting to E85 bioethanol, a more environmentally-friendly fuel. This combination contributes to a significant reduction in your vehicle's carbon footprint. So when you're on the move, you're making a positive contribution to the environment.

Adapting to specific needs Adapting to specific needs

With custom reprogramming, the engine can be configured to suit the owner's requirements or the use to which it is put.


The different stages of engine reprogramming

of the vehicle

02Original measurement on
power bench

of the computer

04Tests after

1. Vehicle diagnosis :

Reprogramming can only be carried out on a healthy vehicle. Before any work is carried out, an electronic diagnosis is carried out to ensure that there are no faults.

2. Original measurement on power bench:

The vehicle is tested on a power bench to check that the engine is in good health and developing its original power.

3. Engine reprogramming:

The original parameters of the engine ECU are optimally modified by our engine engineers.

4. Tests after reprogramming :

After reprogramming, the vehicle is tested again on the power bench to ensure the performance gain and correct operation of the mapping. A road test is also carried out.

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