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Determined to provide you with a high quality service to maintain the performance, reliability and safety of your vehicle, we offer a range of services:

Our team of experienced mechanics always starts with an inspection of your vehicle to identify any potential problems. We will provide you with recommendations if repairs are deemed necessary.

To prolong the life of your vehicle, maintenance is essential. We offer two levels of maintenance.

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Simple yet powerful

Essential Car Care Package

The Essential Package, available in every centre, is your solution for regular car maintenance.

from €290 including tax, this package includes :

  • Engine oil change

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Full electronic diagnostics

  • Fluid top-up

  • 15 check points

  • Road test

These services are essential to keep your car in top condition, whatever its make or model.

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Serenity Package for Complete Car Maintenance

The Serenity Package, offering comprehensive car servicing, is available from €450 inc VAT. In addition to the benefits of the Essential Package, it includes :

  • Cabin, air and fuel filters (if fitted)

  • 32 check points

These advanced services are available at all Shiftech centres in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Additional Shiftech services

We use quality parts to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction at every visit.

Although less frequent than for the engine, changing the oil in your mechanical or automatic gearbox is essential to guarantee the reliability of your transmission. We can carry out this service at our centres.


Maintaining your ignition system

At Shiftech, we understand how crucial a reliable ignition system is to your car's performance. That's why we offer a comprehensive ignition maintenance service, which includes meticulous checking and replacement of spark plugs and coils. Our experts use advanced diagnostic techniques to identify any potential problems, ensuring your car starts and runs at optimum efficiency. Whether you drive a city car or a performance vehicle, our team will make sure your ignition system is always at its best, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

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Its braking system

Safety is a top priority at Shiftech, and this is reflected in our approach to brake system servicing. We offer a complete service for your braking system, including the inspection and maintenance of discs, pads and hoses. Regular servicing of these components is essential to ensure that your vehicle decelerates safely and efficiently. Our qualified technicians thoroughly inspect every aspect of the braking system, replacing worn parts with the highest quality components. By entrusting your car to Shiftech, you not only ensure optimum braking performance, but also the safety of all your journeys.

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Go further!

PPF, detaling, performance parts,
the choice is yours!

Beyond our Essential and Serenity packages, Shiftech offers a wide range of additional services to meet all your car care needs. We pride ourselves on taking care of every aspect of your vehicle, including specialist services such as top-of-the-range detailing, Film Paint Protection (FPP) to preserve the aesthetics of your car, and vehicle maintenance.and the installation of performance parts to improve your vehicle's capabilities and efficiency. At Shiftech, we're here to offer a complete experience that goes beyond standard servicing, ensuring that every aspect of your car reflects quality and performance.

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