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Having a look on cars’ advertisements

Do you know the Super Bowl ?

Super bowl is the name given to the National Football League (NFL) final game since 1970.

This year the event is celebrating its 50th anniversary and certainly no American would miss it.

So, what's the relation with automobile  ?

SuperBowl is the most famous sport event in the US, and figures show that 60% of the American citizens are watching television on that match day. It therefore is a perfect opportunity for advertisers to free out their enthusiasm through amazing commercials.  Seeing broadcasting fees (40 million dollars per 30 seconds) commercials have got to be worthy of the event.

On this occasion we offer you the opportunity to watch few of last years’ most striking automobile commercials.


Honda 2016 :


Audi 2016 :



Chevrolet 2015 :



Volkswagen 2014 : 


Lastly, we propose you to discover this Chrysler advert broadcasted in 2011 lasting more than 2 minutes and therefore costing 12.4 million dollars. This last marketing strike of the manufacturer that was nearly going bankrupt has proved to be a winning shot: 2012 objective was overpassed and Chrysler made a 50% sales increase. 


Advertisement is a successful way to promote a product through quality of the commercials, attractive pictures and the way it reaches customers. It can however have negative impact as it is the case for VW Group who played the ecological card promoting TDI engines and who now would not dare broadcasting Superbowl adverts, just for the time to be forgotten.