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Does the protective film affect the windscreen sensors or cameras?

Using a quality protective film on your windscreen is an excellent way of protecting your vehicle from chips, scratches and other damage without compromising the advanced technology it incorporates. Here are the key points to remember about the interaction between protective film and your vehicle's advanced technologies:

The film doesn't get in the way!

  • Technology compatibility: High-quality windscreen protection film is specially designed to be compatible with the sensors and cameras built into your vehicle. These films are thin enough not to obstruct or interfere with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) signals or functions, ensuring that all your vehicle's safety and comfort features remain fully operational.
  • Transparency and sensitivity: The materials used ensure optimum transparency and do not reduce the sensitivity or accuracy of the sensors and cameras. Whether it's for trajectory control, traffic sign detection or the emergency brake assist system, efficiency remains unchanged.
  • Professional installation: To ensure that the protective film does not affect the sensors or cameras, we recommend that you call in Shiftech for installation. Correct installation ensures that the film fits perfectly to the windscreen, with no bubbles or creases that could interfere with the operation of the on-board sensors.


Choosing a quality windscreen protection film ensures harmonious coexistence with your vehicle's advanced technologies, without compromising their operation. This allows you to benefit from additional protection for your vehicle while retaining all its safety and driving assistance functions.