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12.02.2024Conversion E85

What are the advantages of converting to E85 bioethanol?

Ethanol conversion, commonly known as ethanol conversion or e85 flexfuel, represents a remarkable advance for drivers wishing to adopt a more ecological and economical driving style.


Running your car on E85: an ecological and economical alternative for your engine

This method adjusts the engine to run on bioethanol, a renewable fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while improving the car's performance.

But the innovation doesn't stop there: for those who not only want to run on bioethanol but also want to boost their vehicle's power, the Flex+ ethanol conversion comes into play. This improved version of the standard conversion also offers an increase in engine power, providing an optimised driving experience in every respect.

Explore with us the benefits of this conversion and the essential steps to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly.


The benefits of ethanol conversion

First of all, bioethanol is a biofuel produced from plants rich in sugar (beet, sugar cane) or starch (maize, wheat). It has a number of advantages over traditional petrol:


  • ecological: It allows the use of a mainly renewable fuel that reduces consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. On average, it reduces polluting emissions by 50%

  • economical: To date, the price of E85 bioethanol is around half that of petrol at service stations. Even allowing for a 20% increase in fuel consumption, this is still a cost-effective solution. For a car with an average fuel consumption of 7 litres/100 km and driving 20,000 km a year, the saving is around €1,000. The return on investment from the conversion is therefore achieved in just a few months.

  • Performance: ethanol conversion improves engine efficiency thanks to a higher octane rating and a lower combustion temperature, for greater torque and power, while preserving engine longevity.


How do I convert my vehicle to e85 flexfuel?

Ethanol conversion can be carried out on most petrol vehicles with indirect or direct injection engines. There are two main methods for chiptuning so that it can use bioethanol.