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29.09.2023Conversion E85

What is E85 bioethanol?

Bioethanol E85 is a fuel made up of ethanol (varying between 65% in winter and 85% in summer) and unleaded petrol. Ethanol is produced by fermenting the sugars and starch contained in sugar beet, cereals and their processing residues. French E85 bioethanol is made from French raw materials, in distilleries located close to farms. not to be confused with E10 unleaded 95 fuel, which is made up of 10% ethanol and 90% petrol.


Bioethanol E85 is a largely renewable energy carrier that helps to limit fossil fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions by an average of 50%. In addition to its positive impact on the climate, this fuel helps to improve air quality by reducing particulate emissions by 90% compared with unleaded petrol.

Under what names can I find E85 fuel?

You can find this fuel under several names: E85, Superethanol, ethanol and bioethanol E85.

Where can I find a station offering E85 bioethanol?

to date, there are 2305 service stations distributing bioethanol in France. To find your nearest station, download the "station E85" mobile application, available on IOS and Android.