Shiftech Engineering


Our history

Discover the key moments in the brand's history, from the creation of Shiftech in 2008 to the present day.


A new era


This year represents a revolution for ShifTech, with the launch of its new website and webshop, coupled with a complete overhaul of its artistic direction. This renewal is not just an evolution, it's a radical transformation that marks a turning point in its history. This initiative reflects a desire to redefine ShifTech's digital and visual identity, in line with contemporary trends and anticipating future needs. With this revolution, ShifTech is not just refreshing its image; it is also reinventing the customer experience, with a more intuitive, modern and engaging platform.


Shiftech celebrates 15 YEARS.

La Franchise is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This celebration is not just a retrospective of its past success, but also a projection into the future, symbolised by the opening of new centres in Strasbourg and Limoges. These openings, coinciding with the company's anniversary, reinforce ShifTech's message: a brand resolutely turned towards the future, proud of its heritage and always ready to take on new challenges.

Shiftech reprogrammation moteur 15 ans marque histoire 2000


A year of records

ShifTech reaches a new peak in 2022, marking a record year with the inauguration of multiple centres in key cities such as Marseille, Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Paris Ouest, and Toulouse. The opening of these strategically located centres demonstrates not only ShifTech's ability to meet growing demand, but also its commitment to being close to its customers and strengthening its network in a dynamic market.

Shiftech reprogrammation moteur map agences histoire 2000


A new head office

In line with its 2020 strategic plan, ShifTech is taking a decisive step by moving its headquarters to Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France. This move is a significant gesture, demonstrating ShifTech's commitment to its development plan.

Centre shiftech tours reprogrammation moteur 1600 2

Shiftech reprogrammation moteur equipe direction histoire 2000


The Shiftévolution is underway

This year marks the start of a new chapter for ShifTech, with the current management team taking over the brand. This strategic transition is accompanied by the presentation of an ambitious 60-month expansion plan. The plan aims to expand ShifTech's presence in France's 15 major cities, underlining the new management's determination to maintain ShifTech's position as the undisputed market leader.


Opening of a capital centre

Opening of the ShifTech centre in Paris Est, marking an important step in the Franchise's urban expansion. This move to the capital strengthens ShifTech's presence in a strategic location and underlines its sustained growth in key areas.

Centre shiftech paris est reprogrammation moteur 1600 4


Shiftech, leader in E85 conversion

This year marks a major step forward, with the development of Flex and Flex+ reprogramming solutions. These innovations coincide with the start of ethanol use in France, a promising fuel for the future. Convinced of the potential of this new fuel, our engine engineers have focused all their research and development efforts on E85 conversion. Their pioneering work positions ShifTech at the forefront of the industry, offering a significant competitive edge.

E85 logo histoire


ShifTech ECU

In response to manufacturers' strategies to limit engine modifications, ShifTech has developed and launched ShifTech ECU. This innovation is an external ECU that connects to the vehicle's ECU, offering improved performance while keeping the original ECU unmodified.

Shiftech reprogrammation moteur ecux boitier additionnel calculateur histoire


Opening of the LYON centre

Opening of the ShifTech centre in Lyon, a strategic milestone underlining the brand's commitment to expanding its presence in France. This event symbolises ShifTech's entry into a new phase of growth, strengthening its footprint in one of France's largest cities.

Centre de reprogrammation moteur shiftech À lyon


3 benches - a first in Europe.

Relocation of the head office to Perwez in Belgium, accompanied by the installation of two car and one motorbike power dynos. This initiative represents a first in Europe, making ShifTech a forerunner in its field.

Centre de reprogrammation shiftech À perwez en belgique, reprogrammation moteur stage 1 voiture moto


Opening in France

Launch of a new logo, symbolising the modernisation and evolution of the brand. This is also the year of the inauguration of ShifTech Tours, with the arrival of ShifTech on the French market. This initiative illustrates ShifTech's ambition to become a key player in the engine reprogramming sector in France.

Shiftech tours 2011


Brand expansion.

Building on its success in Belgium, the concept is now being exported internationally with the opening of ShifTech Luxembourg. This strategy represents ShifTech's first step beyond the Belgian borders.

Centre shiftech luxembourg 2011

Shiftech lifstyle centre tours reprogrammation moteur enfant voiture ferrari accueil 2250 5


From dream to reality

ShifTech Engineering was founded in 2008 by François, a 22-year-old computer and automotive enthusiast from Belgium. Despite the challenges posed by the difficult economic climate at the time, the first ShifTech center opened its doors in Louvain-La-Neuve (BE) in September 2008. Launching a product that was still little known to the general public in the midst of the financial crisis was not without its difficulties. However, thanks to its innovative approach, including power bench reprogramming services, ShifTech quickly established itself as the benchmark for engine reprogramming in Belgium.