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Pleasure level One


At Shiftech, our mission is to help you rediscover the pleasure of driving. With our Stage 1 reprogramming, we adjust the engine parameters to reveal its hidden potential. This optimisation of the engine mapping results in an increase in power and torque, offering more dynamic driving and unexpected sensations. Every acceleration becomes surprising, making your journeys not only more enjoyable, but also safer, especially when overtaking.

Imagine yourself at the wheel of your car, struggling to get onto the motorway and squeeze between lorries. Then, suddenly, you're back in control. It's a feeling of freedom, you have more power. You're glued to the seat! But after all, that's what you were looking for, wasn't it?

Stage 1


The benefits don't stop at performance! By increasing engine torque, we've also managed to reduce fuel consumption. You get an improved driving experience, while making significant savings.

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Stage 1

15 years of passion and innovation

Shiftech is an adventure that began in 2008, driven by the same passion for cars that still drives us today. 15 years of meeting people, building relationships, sharing much more than just services with our customers, but a passion for mechanics. Over and above our expertise and technical mastery, which make us what we are, it's our constant determination to innovate and strive for perfection that has made us the leader in engine optimisation.

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Our strength lies in the fact that we have our own engine engineers in France and Europe. Each map we develop is unique, tuned to measure on a power bench to meet your exact requirements. So your vehicle stands out from the crowd, thanks to its personalised tuning.

Each reprogramming is carried out and checked (logs) by our experienced, trained and qualified technicians, guaranteeing a service you can trust throughout the Shiftech network.

If you wish, you can return your vehicle to its original state at any time, free of charge, in our centres.

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A range of possibilities

Whether you drive a passenger car, van, motorhome or even a motorbike, our Stage 1 reprogramming is the key to unlocking hidden performance.

Check the eligibility of your model and prepare to be dazzled.

Check the eligibility of your model.


Options available for chiptuning

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E85 & E85+ conversion

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Deactivating Start & Stop

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Activating Pop & Bang

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Vmax OFF


Our customers' most frequently asked questions!

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Express your character

Do you want more?

We know that every driver is unique. That's why we offer you the opportunity to personalise your driving experience. Your vehicle should be a reflection of you, your style, your personality. Whether it's a Stage2 or a Stage3, your vehicle becomes an expression of your free and daring spirit.

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