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Stage 2 is much more than a simple upgrade: it's a real journey to the pinnacle of your vehicle's performance.

Stage 2

What is Stage 2?

Progressing to a Stage 2 is an art that requires in-depth expertise and perfect knowledge of each model.

Stage 2 at Shiftech is an invitation to transcend the ordinary of your car, transforming it into a symbol of your passion for motoring. While Stage 1 requires no change of parts, Stage 2 reinvents your vehicle's original mechanical capabilities by installing performance parts.

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Stage 2


Each vehicle undergoes an examination by our experienced technicians, who make a precise assessment of the specific requirements for the transition to Stage 2. Some parts, such as the intake, exhaust and intercooler, may need replacing to cope with the increase in power.

You have nothing to worry about. Our experts will guide you through each stage, carefully identifying any parts that need changing, and advising you on the best solutions to ensure your vehicle reaches its full performance potential without compromising reliability.

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Stage 2


Stage 2 mapping optimisation is an art that combines engineering and precision. It's a process that requires an in-depth understanding of the performance parts installed and their impact on the vehicle's overall performance.

Our engine engineers meticulously adjust the ECU parameters to perfectly match the mapping with the new performance parts. Development is carried out using data acquired in real time on the power bench, where, like true maestros, they fine-tune with presixty key parameters, including turbo pressure, ignition advance, richness and many others, each an essential note in this mechanical symphony.

Finally, extensive road tests are carried out, ensuring that your vehicle performs perfectly under real driving conditions. These tests ensure that every adjustment makes a significant contribution to improving performance, offering a driving experience enhanced by our expertise.



In addition to modifying ECU parameters, Stage 2 requires the replacement of certain original mechanical parts with performance parts selected to release your engine's full potential:

The exhaust system: Replacing your exhaust with a sports model frees up the gases, reducing back pressure. It's not just an improvement in performance, it's also a new voice for your engine, a deeper, more assertive sound.

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Air filter ? Fan ?

By installing a sports air filter or opting for a more efficient intake system, we increase the flow of air to your engine. The result is a fresher supply of air, essential for optimum combustion and therefore increased power.

An important detail: an optimised intake goes beyond a simple air filter, providing a distinctly sporty tone under acceleration.


The intercooler!

At the heart of the turbocharging system, the intercooler plays a vital role. By installing a large-volume intercooler, we lower the temperature of the air entering the intake, ensuring more efficient combustion and, consequently, a significant improvement in engine performance.



We distribute leading brands


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Stage 3

I've never liked standards...

Car enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the performance of their vehicles and get the best possible driving experience. Taking a Stage 3 is one of the most effective ways of achieving this.

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