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Commercial vehicle chiptuning: Power and savings

Engine reprogramming for commercial vehicles, whether for professional or private use, is an effective way of boosting performance. By adjusting ECU parameters, professional reprogrammers like Shiftech improve torque, power and driving pleasure while optimising fuel consumption.

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Why reprogram your utility?

Commercial vehicles are generally used for transporting 'heavy' loads on construction sites or for day-to-day business journeys between the supplier's premises and the company's warehouse, for example. Reprogramming commercial vehicles optimises the electronic management of the engine, making it possible to:

  • Increase Torque and Power: Reprogramming improves the vehicle's acceleration capacity(torque measured in Newton Metres) and power (measured in DIN Horsepower (CH)). These two parameters are fundamental when towing trailers, vans or carrying heavy loads.
  • Reduce fuel consumption: Correct reprogramming reduces fuel consumption by 10-15% (on a like-for-like basis), which is beneficial for reducing operating costs for businesses and increasing their margins, and for private individuals keen to make savings too.
  • Improved driving enjoyment: A reprogrammed engine offers a smoother, more pleasant drive, especially in difficult working conditions and on hills that can be wearisome for a commercial vehicle.
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Steps to Reprogramming your Car

  1. Initial Diagnosis: Your Shiftech reprogrammer carries out a complete engine diagnosis to assess its condition and identify the parameters that need to be adjusted(turbo pressure, fuel injection, etc.)
  2. Data Reading and Analysis: ECU data is read and analysed to improve management of the engine's various parameters and check that it is operating correctly.
  3. Parameter modification: Engine management parameters are modified to optimise performance, taking into account the vehicle's specific features and the user's needs.
  4. Tests and adjustments: After the modification, tests are carried out on a power bench to ensure that the new parameters work perfectly and improve the vehicle's performance.

Once all the lights are green in our dyno room, a road test is carried out to validate that the truck is working properly.

At Shiftech, we are committed to respecting the"manufacturer's tolerances" to ensure that your vehicle runs without premature deterioration.

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The benefits of engine reprogramming

Efficiency on construction sites

Better engine management makes it easier to transport heavy loads over what can sometimes be difficult terrain. Reprogrammed vans benefit from improved torque, making them easier to manoeuvre on your worksites.

fuel savings

Reducing fuel consumption helps to cut operating costs. Appropriate reprogramming results in lower fuel consumption, which translates into significant savings over the long term.

Pleasant driving Everywhere, All the Time!

Improved torque and power make driving more enjoyable and more responsive. A noticeable difference in driving comfort, especially during acceleration and when travelling on country roads, in heavy traffic or in mountainous terrain, will be clearly felt.

Lower costs = higher margins

Less fuel consumption translates into long-term savings. With engine reprogramming, drivers can benefit from much more efficient fuel management, which translates into spending less at the pump. The ultimate grail whether you're a pro or an individual no? 🙂

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Are you convinced?

So there's no need to go any further, contact one of our centres in France, Belgium and Luxembourg now and start saving money!
Shiftech, working alongside professionals!

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Vehicle fleet, depreciation and profitability

For companies with a fleet of vehicles, engine reprogramming can offer a rapid return on investment through fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. Optimised engine management improves vehicle durability and performance, contributing to better overall profitability. By reducing engine wear and lowering fuel consumption, companies can recoup their investment in a matter of months.

How much does engine reprogramming cost?

The cost of engine reprogramming for commercial vehicles such as Renault Trafic, Renault Master, VW Transporter, Crafter, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Peugeot Partner varies according to make and model. In general, Shiftech charges around €599 including tax.

The cost includes pre- and post-modification tests to ensure that the initial health of the vehicle is verified, as well as the optimisation of adjustments after reprogramming.

How long does engine reprogramming take?

Engine reprogramming takes an average of two hours. All Shiftech centres have waiting rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing you towork while the work is being carried out. In addition, coffee and soft drinks are provided, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable time for customers while they wait for their vehicle to be ready.

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Reprogramming kits for commercial vehicles

In addition to traditional engine ECU reprogramming, reprogramming units represent an interesting alternative for commercial vehicles. These devices are connected directly to the vehicle's injection system and allow engine parameters to be modified without altering the original ECU. They offer similar benefits, such as increased torque and power, and reduced fuel consumption. Easy to install and remove, reprogramming units are a flexible solution for improving the performance of commercial vehicles without major intervention.

What is the price of an additional box for a commercial vehicle?

At Shiftech, the price of an additional box for commercial vehicles starts from 690 euros including VAT. This cost may vary depending on the vehicle and the duration of the intervention. The boxes are a practical and effective option for those looking for a rapid and reversible improvement in engine performance.

How long does it take to fit an additional box?

Fitting an additional box for a commercial vehicle takes an average of two hours. This rapid installation allows users to benefit quickly from the advantages in terms of performance and fuel economy, without immobilising the vehicle for a long period.

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To sum up

Engine reprogramming for commercial vehicles, whether for professional or private use, is an effective way of boosting performance. By adjusting ECU parameters, Shiftech's professional reprogrammers improve torque, power and driveability while optimising fuel consumption.

For professionals, this means greater efficiency on site, fuel savings and improved profitability for their fleet of vehicles. For private customers, it means a more enjoyable drive and lower costs. Whether you opt for ECU reprogramming or the installation of an add-on box, the benefits are clear: increased performance, reduced fuel consumption and an improved driving experience.

At Shiftech,engine reprogramming is carried out in around two hours, in centres equipped with waiting rooms with Wi-Fi and free coffee or drinks. The cost of this reprogramming varies according to van model, starting from €599 including tax. For those who prefer a reversible solution, additional boxes are available from 690 euros (incl. VAT), and installation also takes around two hours.

Investing in engine reprogramming means ensuring the performance and durability of your vehicle, while making significant savings.