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Discover our BMW M4 CSL

And here it is! After an interminable wait, our BMW M4 CSL has arrived!

We were among the lucky 29 in France (1,000 worldwide) to be able to order this very special model, created to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary and following in the footsteps of legendary editions including the BMW 3.0 CSL and the BMW M3 CSL E46.

You might think, but what's the point of Shiftech taking on such a car?

Quite simply to showcase our expertise and make it even more unique than it already is!


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A real difference for the track?

First of all, let's find out why this M4 CSL is so different from its rivals.

The letters CSL stand for 'Competition, Sport, Lightweight' (Leichtbau Sport Coupé in German) and are reserved for lighter, faster, competition-oriented BMWs.

Lightweight indicates that the sports car has had to undergo a special diet in order to be able to...

From the exclusive M Carbon racing bucket seats (-24 kg), to the removal of the rear bench seat (-21 kg), to the ultra-light alloy wheels (-21 kg again), to less soundproofing material (-15 kg), carbon body parts (-11 kg), a carbon centre console (-4 kg) and a titanium exhaust (-4 kg). Overall, it is 100 kilos lighter, bringing the weight down to 1625 kg.

To power this M4 CSL, the engine remains the same as that fitted to the other models in the M4 range, the in-line 6-cylinder 3.0 Bi-Turbo. However, the mapping has been reworked to produce 550bhp, 40bhp more than the M4 Competition. The 0-100 kph time is 3.7 seconds, the 0-200 kph time is 10.6 seconds and the electronically limited top speed can reach 307 kph. As you can imagine, all these figures will be improved once the car passes through our workshops.

On the chassis side, the selectDrive M suspension has been recalibrated and fitted with new front and rear springs, enabling the ride height to be lowered by eight millimetres. There are also firmer engine and gearbox mounts to stiffen the whole.

So do all these modifications make the M4 CSL a real racer?

if the times achieved on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife are anything to go by, the answer is yes!

In fact, it set the fastest lap time ever achieved by a BMW production car, with a time of 7:15.677 over the 20.6 kilometres and a time of 7:20.207 for the full 20.8-kilometre lap.


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The evolution of our BMW M4 CSL!

Now that the foundations have been laid, let's talk about the preparation to come.

This S58 is a real treat for tuners! It's a high-performance engine that puts out a lot of horsepower without flinching.

Let's be clear, our aim is to get close to 1,000 bhp!

To achieve this power, we're going to do a stage 3 preparation. We'll have to change a few parts, but not that many in the end - that's the magic of this engine.

The main change comes from the original turbos, which have been replaced by much more powerful hybrid turbos.

The original downpipes will be replaced by sport catalytic converters, to free up more of the exhaust flow and improve performance.

The original airboxes will be replaced by a large-volume Eventuri intake system. This will allow a greater flow of air to pass through, maintaining a satisfactory intake temperature even under heavy acceleration. As well as contributing to mechanical reliability, the intake system is a real aesthetic jewel, designed entirely in carbon with exceptional finishes.

Finally, the original suspensions will be replaced by KW V5s. These suspensions use technology based on motor racing, with 4-way customisation possible.

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