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Do you know Milltek products ?

Milltek Sport is specializing in the production of sport exhaust system. Acoustics and performances improvement are the objectives pursued by the company. Milltek invests a lot into R&D in order to offer solutions dedicated to the newest vehicles. Range of products already includes exhaust systems dedicated to the brand new Honda Civic Type R or the 2015 Audi RS3 8V.

However Milltek is not only dedicated to the design of efficient exhaust systems. As already noticed the company is very reactive in regard to R&D and also offers innovative solutions for active valve management systems

Active valve management ?

According to certain parameters as engine speed, oil temperature, or driving mode in use (comfort, sport, etc.), exhaust valves can be open or closed in order to reduce exhaust sound or to get it sportier.

Autosport show at The NEC, Birmingham, will be the opportunity for Milltek to introduce their range of latest exhaust systems and new valves management devices, particularly on the brand new Audit TTS 3rd generation. 

C'est à l'occasion de l'Autosport au NEC de Birmingham que Milltek va proposer sa nouvelle gamme d'échappements et ses nouveaux dispositifs de gestion de clapets, notamment sur la nouvelle Audi TTS de 3e génération.  

Engine optimization

Milltek choose to trust their long standing partner Shiftech to elaborate BMW M4 F82 engine optimization program. The car will be introduced at the Autosport show by the way.

The new BMW speedster featuring 431hp lets us foresee some record times.

Equipped with a full line of Milltek exhaust (of course) the vehicle rides a lot around racing tracks lately. Shiftech optimization program entirely developed on certified car dynamometer enabled incredible results of 520hp that does not compromise engine reliability.

Model that was entrusted to us was equipped with a driving position on the right; which required little time to adapt. On the road, such efficiency translates into a limitless boost which gets hard to transmit to the ground particularly on wet or damaged roads (Thank you Belgium). It makes the vehicle very playful with unplanned but easy to control oversteering.  

You can find video and pictures of the vehicle that was entrusted to Shiftech here below. We invite you to leave your opinion on the exhaust acoustics.

Thank you Milltek !

Last thing...  We take the opportunity to thank Milltek with whom we have been cooperating for 8 year now. Wishing them the very best for 2016.

We remain available for any information related to the brand and their range of products.



Milltek BMW M4 Coupé from Milltek Sport on Vimeo.