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Passion High performance

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Awakening your senses


Welcome to ShifTech, where we believe that every vehicle tells a story - your story. Our optimisation experts transform your machine into a true symbol of your personality. Imagine a vehicle that reflects your aesthetic tastes, with performance that exceeds the norm. More than a means of transport, it becomes an extension of yourself. aboard it, feel the pride of your personalisation as it catches the eye, aware that each element speaks about you, your vision and represents you in a unique way. Your vehicle becomes a manifestation of your success and a testament to your personal distinction.

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Experience new emotions

Engine tuning isn't just about increasing power. It's an invitation to rediscover the pure pleasure of driving, to feel that adrenalin rush with every bend, every straight. It's a promise to reconnect with those moments when driving was an experience, not a necessity. Treat yourself to this new start, this new adventure. Because driving should never be monotonous. Experience Shiftech.



At ShifTech, by converting to E85 bioethanol, we're thinking of a greener future where driving pleasure doesn't have to conflict with respect for the environment. This solution combines a reduction in your fuel costs with ecological conservation by reducing CO2 emissions. Your vehicle embodies your commitment to a cleaner world, while being more economical. Discover all the advantages and the key stages in converting your vehicle to ethanol.

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Expertise at your service

We offer a high-quality diagnostic and expert service to ensure the performance, reliability and safety of your vehicle. Our experienced mechanics carry out a meticulous inspection, identifying potential problems and providing recommendations for the effective maintenance of your vehicle.


Much more than just a brand!

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15 years of passion and innovation

Shiftech is the story of a passion that began in 2008. In 15 years, we've forged strong links with our customers, sharing much more than just services, but a common passion and real emotions. In addition to our know-how and expertise, it's also our commitment to constant innovation and pushing back the boundaries that has made Shiftech the leader in engine optimisation. Every service we offer is the promise of an outstanding customer experience.

Shiftech motard costume casque fond sombre

Fashion and clothing

Dress in our petrol!

Discover the Shiftech clothing range, where style meets performance.

Express your individuality and passion for performance with our exclusive collection.

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