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At ShifTech we've been tuning BMWs for several years, and we know the German range inside out.

While engine tuning is no longer just the preserve of sports cars, and many general-purpose vehicles have everything to gain from a chiptuning of their ECUs, the BMW spirit does hover over this type of optimisation.while engine tuning is no longer just the preserve of sports cars, and many general-purpose vehicles have everything to gain from chiptuning their ECUs, the BMW spirit is very much in evidence when it comes to this type of optimisation, which boosts the power of already exceptional vehicles. as seasoned BMW tuners, our experts are always happy to work with precision on these dream vehicles. At ShifTech, we optimise your BMW while respecting all the manufacturer's recommendations.

We tuned it!

We had already written an article on the M2, comparing it with the M235i. But that was before we had a chance to try out this new Bavarian coupé, firstly on a racetrack, following an invitation from BMW Driving Experience, which we would like to thank, and secondly by carrying out the preparation described below. In fact, it's only when you're behind the wheel that you realise just how much of an M this M2 really is, and how much closer it is to the M4 than the M235i, shame on us (*see previous article). In fact, it's mainly the running gear, taken from the M4, that makes all the difference. The car really is at one with the road. Thanks to its shorter wheelbase, it even sits better than the M4, and its front axle is completely bolted to the ground, allowing it to corner very quickly.

The M2 is also less 'treacherous' than its big sister, the M4, when it comes to gliding, and it quickly gives off racket shots that don't exactly put anyone unfamiliar with rear-wheel drive at ease.

In short, BMW has set the bar so high in terms of handling that the M2 can no longer be compared to an M235i and, in certain conditions, outperforms the M4, especially in terms of agility.

From a performance point of view, we obtain, after preparation, a score of 401hp and 615Nm (deliberately limited). This performance ensures good acceleration while maintaining good chassis control. The fairly linear handling remains unchanged, apart from the fact that the curve is fuller at all engine speeds, and you can feel it.

Our engine builder's opinion on the new M2

Intercooler: Its main handicap. Like the 1M at the time, this new M2 inherits the M235i's intercooler, which was already not very good, especially after preparation.when I read that the intercooler was identical to that of the M235i, I wondered how, on the basis of the same engine (N55), they were going to manage to produce 370 bhp without overheating becoming a major obstacle. The first run on the dyno and the result of 'only' 358bhp only confirmed my opinion. the 61°C intake temperature on the dyno for an original car is almost 4 times higher than that of the Focus RS MK3 tested previously. After preparation, we're painfully close to 400hp with an intake temperature of 77°C. It is clearly advisable to change the intercooler on this vehicle, or risk seeing its power reduced with each new acceleration.

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exhaust system: The vehicle here was fitted with the performance exhaust developed in collaboration with Akrapovic. The sound is particularly well crafted, very intoxicating, raucous, so much so that it might even be preferred to that of the M4, which is more 'artificially' metallic.

As far as exhaust temperature is concerned, we're sticking to reliable values of 850°C, but even so, a Wagner sports catalytic converter could make a significant contribution.

Turbo: The turbo has a different reference from that of the M235i, but I don't think it's much different. That's why, when in doubt, I opted for a stable boost pressure of 1.1 bar throughout the range. For the uninitiated, this ensures acceptable ignition and keeps the intake temperature as low as possible.

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Even if the DKG gearbox can take more than 700Nm, I'm not sure the turbo will appreciate going that far. If another tuner is reading this, don't hesitate to give it a try!

Ignition: Ignition often goes hand in hand with intake temperature. So the higher the intercooler temperature, the more corrections there will be to the ignition timing. by comparison, while an M235i running on 98 octane will be able to get 12 to 13° of ignition with a Wagner intercooler, here we are limited to 7.5° of ignition, and afterafter 5,000 rpm, corrections are made, taking us irrevocably below 5°, even though the ignition has been reduced in the management system. Here again, the need to run in 98 octane is more important than ever.

Richness: As is often the case, the management system dictates that the engine should run very lean until a certain temperature is reached, and then very rich. The idea is to smooth this out by making the engine run richer at the beginning and leaner at the end, thus limiting the temperature delta.

Vmax: The maximum speed is limited to 250km/h or 270km/h with the M Driver pack. At ShifTech we don't make any distinction, because after preparation everyone reaches over 300km/h, as shown by the photo we took (in complete safety, I must stress) on the power bench.

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Special feature: To get the most out of the M2, I've added the 'pop & bang' effect, those little exhaust crackles we love so much, which happen after a downshift or when you lift your foot off the accelerator. Tested and approved on the performance exhaust, it's breathtaking!


This is the second conclusion we've reached about this vehicle, which just goes to show how much we liked it from the outset. After the test drive, we were won over. The lines of the M2 and M235i are incomparable, so much so that the M4's running gear widens the M2. Aesthetically and behind the wheel, the vehicle and its handling are very pleasing, with a healthy, balanced ride and power that flows perfectly through the ground.the only downside is the size of the intercooler, which limits performance to 400bhp, although it's perfectly possible to go much further, following the example of the M235i we've already prepared with intercooler (420-430bhp).

So should you buy the M2? It's hard to say. At the moment, given the rarity of the vehicle, prices on the second-hand market are soaring, despite the fact that, unlike the 1M, there is no limit to the number of cars produced.if you're patient, you can order it tomorrow and hope to receive it early next year, but don't count on discounts.

For the time being, the solution will be to go for the m3 saloon or M4 coupé, which are becoming more affordable, with prices now very close to those of the M2.with their water-cooled intercoolers, wrapped seats and all the options not available in the BMW M2 catalogue, you may be tempted to opt for the more upmarket M3 and M4 models, but if you're prepared to wait, you'll be able to enjoy the exclusivity and pleasure of driving an M2.