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06.05.2024Our projects

The magic of cryogenics with Frozen Garage

Some time ago, we already spoke to you about this car in another article, presenting the preparation project that was about to be carried out. So for once, no engine reprogramming today. When Lucien handed in his M5, it was in a sorry state, worn down by time, intensive use and poor maintenance. Before moving on to preparation, we wanted to start off on a clean and healthy footing. That's where Frozen Garage comes in, with their expertise in dry ice blasting, an incredibly effective but little-known deep surface cleaning technique.

Frozen garage cryogenie shiftech bmw m5 laboiserie

Dry ice blasting expertise

The principle is simple: a very large flow of air is mixed with dry ice dust (CO2) at very low temperature(-80°), creating a thermal and kinetic shock on the surface. This pulverises dirt and grime without the use of chemicals or water. The CO2 then returns as a gas, leaving the surface clean and dry.

This method can be applied to a wide variety of materials, from metal and plastic to rubber and wiring harnesses. It's also environmentally friendly, asit reuses a greenhouse gas that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Frozen garage cryogenie shiftech bmw m5 laboiserie 1

Stunning results on the M5

Thanks to this technique, the experts at Frozen Garage were able to restore Lucien LaBoiserie's M5 to almost new condition. All the aluminium parts are now close to their original condition, the wheel arches are as good as new, and even the fabric parts have been perfectly cleaned.

The result is clearly stunning, with a car that looks as if it has just come from the factory, despite its age and heavy use. It's hard to believe, but the entire body and chassis have been completely stripped and refurbished.

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A technology for the future of car servicing

Cryogenics opens up new horizons for vehicle maintenance and repair. Not only is this cleaning method extremely effective, it is also environmentally friendly and healthy for the materials used. Old or heavily used cars can be made to look like new again, without damaging their integrity.

With affordable prices and impressive results (between €350 and €450 for an engine bay, depending on condition, between €1,200 and €1,700 for a chassis and between €1,500 and €2,500 for a complete car), cryogenics could well become an essential cleaning method when compared with more conventional methods. It offers a fast, clean and long-lasting solution for restoring vehicles.

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Cutting-edge expertise and equipment

The success of this operation on @thierryvigneauboiserie's M5 is the result of @Frozen_Garage's expertise and cutting-edge equipment. Their mastery of cryogenics enables them to provide top-of-the-range cleaning services, adapting the power and size of the nozzles according to the materials and surfaces to be treated.

A rapidly expanding business

Based in the Paris region, Frozen Garage is expanding rapidly and aims to democratise the use of cryogenics in car maintenance. Their aim is to offer this innovative technology to as many customers as possible, both professionals and private individuals, to give vehicles a new lease of life.

Frozen garage cryogenie shiftech bmw m5 laboiserie 5

A revolution in car servicing

The cryogenic cleaning carried out on Lucien LaBoiserie's M5 demonstrates the full potential of this technology for vehicle maintenance. Fast, ecological and extremely effective, it can restore the appearance of old or very dirty vehicles, without altering their materials.

With the expertise and cutting-edge equipment of the two brothers, cryogenics is emerging as an essential alternative to traditional cleaning methods. This revolution in car maintenance could well be a game-changer for many vehicle owners.


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