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Shiftech vw up stage 3 07
06.02.2023Our projects


Who would have thought that the preparation of this little UP! GTI has aroused a lot of interest!

At the start of this project, we set ourselves a challenge: to break the 200bhp barrier, with the aim of not exceeding the €3,000 mark.

During development, we realised that the parts included in our €2990 performance pack would not be enough to maintain the reliability of the 1.0L 3-cylinder. We worked hard on the mapping settings to find the best compromise between performance and reliability.

Shiftech vw up stage 3 45

Hybrid turbo, sport air filter!

With a hybrid turbo (standard exchange), a BMC sports air filter and custom Flex+ stage 3 engine chiptuning, we obtained a result of 175hp and 260Nm of torque, i.e. a gain of 60hp and 60Nm.

But this is ShifTech, and we couldn't stop there. We had to reach 200bhp.

To achieve this, we added a sports catalytic converter, a Racing Line intake, a Racing Line inlet, a Forge dump and an AEM WMI injection system to the basic performance pack.

In this configuration, power is 200hp and torque rises to 290Nm. Compared with the original version, the gains are now 85hp and 90Nm, a power increase of almost 75%!

Shiftech vw up stage 3 44

The move to the bench speaks for itself!

The power-to-weight ratio is now incredible, with this bombshell weighing less than a tonne on the scales.

With the Stage 3 preparation complete and the 200hp on paper, it was time to see what this Up! GTI could do on the road!

Well, on the road... We specially hired a runway to test it against its cousin the Scala, which shares the same engine, but above all against its big sister the Golf 7 GTI.

with 220hp and 350Nm for 1276kg, it promises to be a very close match.

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