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Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

Time for the first assessment

After several months in use, it's time to take stock of how our new Golf is faring. First of all, a little background...

In early December 2020, we bought a brand new VW Golf 8 GTI. One of the first to be delivered. We thought it would be interesting to find out more about this new model, because in the various ShifTech centres, the VW Golf is the most tuned vehicle. Every day, a Golf passes through one of our power benches, which just goes to show how much our engineers know about it!

Our Stage 3 preparations are proof of this, with vehicles in excess of 500hp. So it was logical for us to take an interest in the new version, which will be launched at the end of 2020, and to buy it. Each centre will be able to present the car to its customers, and it has been chosen for this purpose; it's our demo car. As you can imagine, it won't be original equipment for very long, but we'll come back to that later.


First impressions: there's been a change!

There's no doubt about it, this is a Golf. Despite being 45 years old, this eighth generation is still instantly recognisable. Like the Porsche 911, the Golf is a myth, and although its lines have changed, it has retained its DNA.

The headlamps are very different, with LED lights to great effect. The bodywork has evolved without breaking the mould. The lines are fluid, and the rear seems to have widened. Inside, the chequered fabric seats are very attractive and make a clear link with the previous versions - it's stylish! But what's most shocking is the giant leap in terms of equipment: there's not a single button on the dashboard any more, it's all screens and touch-sensitive buttons, even on the steering wheel. Everything can be configured, you can choose to display what you want on the speedo, and it's not easy to get the hang of. When you first start driving, you'll constantly be looking for the controls for the air conditioning, radio, GPS, etc., but after a few kilometres you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

From a technical point of view, you'll find the familiar 2.0 TSI engine, which comes with 245 bhp as standard, i.e. 15 bhp more than the Golf 7. The DSG automatic gearbox is still present, while the gear lever has been transformed into a sort of electric razor, very similar to that on the new 911s.


Let's get on with the modifications!

Visually, the first thing we wanted to do to this car was to modify its appearance. Originally delivered in moon grey, it looked a little bland. The job was entrusted to Nathan Heatty, the famous Belgian designer who has done the coverings for POG cars and other car-related personalities. The result is a clearly identifiable car, in the image of ShifTech, with shades of matt grey, red to recall our logo and white. Our customers loved it, and so did we! Our partner UJ Motors in Paris was responsible for fitting the covering. Perfectly executed, excellent work as always.

We also decided to modify the rims and add a Maxton Design kit comprising a front blade, side blades, a rear spoiler and a diffuser. These parts reinforce the car's sporty character and give it an undeniable touch of aggression.

As for the wheels, it was the OZ Racing Ultraleggera that won the vote on our social networks. So it was you who chose them! Once again, the look of the car has been greatly improved, but not only that: the weight saving is not insignificant. Well done to you, you've made the right choice!

Next, we wanted to improve the car's sound. As you're no doubt aware, petrol engines have been fitted with particulate filters for several years now. Apart from the undeniable advantages in terms of pollution, these particulate filters (DPF) greatly restrict the exhaust and the sound that comes out of it. This is particularly noticeable between a 2018 and 2020 Audi RS3, which have the same engine but a very muffled noise in the case of the more recent model.

Unfortunately, our Golf 8 GTI is no exception to the rule, and the original noise leaves something to be desired. That's why we contacted our long-standing partner, Milltek, a leading British exhaust manufacturer for whom we've been an official dealer for many years. Working closely with Milltek, we developed a tailor-made exhaust system - a world first for the Golf 8 GTI. Our Golf crossed the Channel to England, where its exhaust system was analysed in all its forms. We got the car back just before Christmas, fitted with a new line (homologated), with its sublime carbon tips, a great gift! The result is really impressive, with the car now sounding much more present, accentuating its sporty character.

With a view to making the world's first stage 3, other developments are planned for the exhaust system and performance parts will be fitted at a later date, such as a heat exchanger, an intake kit, suspension, a hybrid turbo, etc., but we're waiting for the chiptuning to become feasible.


So what about chiptuning?

As you know, to carry out chiptuning you need to be able to read the vehicle's original data and then modify it electronically. Unfortunately, in the case of our Golf 8 GTI, it is fitted with new protection on the engine control unit (ECU) which currently prevents us from offering engine mapping. This protection is present on all new Golf GTIs and is therefore worldwide, so no-one is currently in a position to offer chiptuning for this new model. Rest assured, our teams of engineers are working hard to offer you a solution to this problem as quickly as possible! Our car will of course be used to develop a new mapping once chiptuning is possible.

Once the mapping has been developed, we will be able to report on the figures obtained after Stage 1 chiptuning. In our experience, and given our good knowledge of the 2.0 TSI engine, the car will produce around 300 bhp in Stage 1.

We look forward to seeing you very soon to follow the latest news about our Golf on our various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Don't hesitate to contact your nearest ShifTech centre to help you realise your project!


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