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01.07.2024Our projects

Médéric gets a Golf 3 VR6

This article is a summary of the video released on Sunday, one of the projects we really wanted to do. The Shiftech team (colleagues and friends) decided to surprise Médéric with the car that marked his youth: a Golf 3 VR6.

This model, very popular with enthusiasts in the 90s, is known for its six-cylinder engine and impressive performance for its time. We're going to take you through all the stages of this adventure, from the search for the perfect vehicle to its restoration and mechanical optimisation. Find out how the team transformed this Golf 3 VR6 into an unforgettable gift, while sharing moments of emotion and automotive passion.

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Car search and purchase

Objective: Find the Rare Pearl

The search for a Golf 3 VR6 in good condition proved to be a real challenge. The selection criteria were strict: the car had to be in excellent condition, have less than 200,000 km on the clock, and be fitted with leather seats and a sunroof to try and achieve the same configuration as Médéric's at the time. After exploring a number of specialist sites, including Le Bon Coin and Autoscout24, the team finally found the ideal car near Strasbourg.

Checking and buying

Before finalising the purchase, the team used CarVertical to check the vehicle's history. This tool ensures that the car has not been in an accident and that the odometer has not been tampered with. Once all the checks had been carried out and the results were satisfactory, the team went ahead with the purchase of the Golf 3 VR6.

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The CarVertical moment

Shiftech prides itself on working with trusted partners, which is why we're delighted to introduce CarVertical, an innovative service that allows you to check your vehicle's complete history in just a few clicks.

With CarVertical, you can access detailed reports including accidents, repairs, mileage and much more.

As a bonus, use the promo code SHIFT20 to get an exclusive 20% discount on your next report. Make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition and avoid unpleasant surprises with CarVertical, your ally for a worry-free purchase.

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Restoration and Optimisation

Dent removal and detailing

Once the Golf 3 VR6 had been purchased, the first step in its restoration was paintless dent removal. This technique removes small dents without damaging the original paintwork, preserving the vehicle's authentic appearance. The team called in a specialist who used iron bars that he slides behind the bodywork to apply micro hammer blows to the dent or use suction cups with hot glue to straighten the bodywork. This technique is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, as it does not require the car to be repainted.

Mechanical optimisation

To improve the performance of the Golf 3 VR6, a number of mechanical optimisations were carried out. The team installed a SuperSprint exhaust system, known for its improved flow of exhaust gases and better sound. Threaded pipes have also been added to improve handling and deliver a more precise ride. Finally, a complete overhaul of the engine was carried out to ensure that all parts were in perfect working order.

Testing and adjustments

After the modifications, the car was road tested to check that everything was working properly. These tests ensured that the mechanical optimisations delivered the expected improvements in terms of performance and safety. Minor adjustments were made to fine-tune the settings and ensure a perfect driving experience.

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The Surprise

Revelation at Médéric

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: the unveiling of the Golf 3 VR6. The Shiftech team orchestrated the surprise to leave Médéric with an unforgettable memory. The unsuspecting driver was taken to the place where the car was hidden. When he discovered the Golf 3 VR6, he was visibly touched by this thoughtful gesture from his colleagues and friends.


This video highlights not only the Shiftech team's passion for cars, but also their dedication to delivering great experiences. The Golf 3 VR6, restored and optimised, is much more than just a vehicle; it is a symbol of friendship and passion. Médéric will now be able to enjoy this iconic car, while remembering this unique moment and the efforts made by the team to please him.

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