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20.05.2024Our projects

Stage 3 on William's BMW 135i - EP2

You've probably heard of him, our friend and content creator William Commercial, network star and iconic figure among car dealers, entrusted us with a Stage 3 preparation project some time ago to get 500bhp out of a BMW 135i. When it comes to preparing a car, every step counts. That's the challenge that the Shiftech team rose to with flying colours on this BMW 135i. Starting from a solid base of 306 bhp, the objective has been achieved. Read on until the end, because this is a very fine project.

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The heart of the preparation: the engine block

The turbo is the essential element of this stage 3 preparation. But it's not just a question of changing the turbo. Numerous other parts were replaced, including the intercooler, the charge pipe, the sport catalytic converter and MAP sensor, and the high-pressure pump, to enable theengine's full potential to be exploited.

Unfortunately, the road has not been without its pitfalls. Problems with the electronic wastegate and anoil leak on the cooling block delayed completion of the project. But the team overcame these challenges to offer William a car ready for battle.

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Optimising the transfer of ownership, a must for this 3 course

With so much power, it's not enough to concentrate solely on the engine. The gearbox has also been reprogrammed to relocate thetorque limiters and offer optimum responsiveness. The result is an impressive power plateau(500 bhp) between 4,500 and 7,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 740 Nm. The result is a truly superb driving experience!

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Unique sound and performance

In addition to raw performance, the Shiftech team also worked on the sound of the engine. They believe that the N55 of this BMW 135i is one of the most beautiful sounds at BMW, much better than that of the M3/M4 of the previous generation.

Behind the wheel, the sensations are just as good. With 500bhp and 740Nm, the car is both quick in a straight line and very agile in corners. A real toy for sports driving enthusiasts!

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Ready for new adventures

Now that stage 3 is over, William can finally take full advantage of his BMW 135i. On the programme: circuit outings, events, etc... This car is now ready for action!

But that's not all. William is already planning to take his car even further, with improvements to the chassis(braking and suspension), but also and above all to the looks, with a personalised covering.

The aim? To push the limits of this racing beast even further!

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A shared passion

Both William and the Shiftech team are passionate about this project. Together, they overcame numerous technical challenges to give this BMW 135i an exceptional level of preparation. The result is a powerful, agile and, above all, incredibly fun car to drive!

For William, it's the culmination of a long-held dream. Having driven Porsche 997 Carrera S cars in the past, he is finally discovering the joys of an even more powerful car. It's a unique experience that he'll be sure to share with his friends and community!

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Shiftech and your stage 3

As you can see, Shiftech is and always will be a professional tuner, demonstrating once again that when the subject of BMW tuning is mastered, everything goes perfectly.

If you would like to follow William Commercial's example, don't hesitate to contact one of our engine reprogramming centres in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. We will be delighted to help you with your automotive project.


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