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18.04.2024Our projects

Lucien LaBoiserie's BMW M5, the check-up before Stage 3

A short while ago, we told you about stage 3 with the engine preparation of the Polo WRC. This time, it's the BMW M5 4.4 v8, the German manufacturer's iconic car, which had already passed through our workshops in 2020 for stage 2. With its powerful engine and sporty character, it has won the hearts of many car enthusiasts over the years. In this article, we discover the story of the BMW M5 that was sold and then bought by Lucien (aka Thierry Vigneau Boiserie).

Today, this car is ready to be modified and prepared to reach 1000 hp.

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Back to basics for the M5

Lucien LaBoiserie, the owner of the BMW M5, tells us how this car became an icon for him. He sold it a few years ago, but the new owner decided to sell it back to him. That's how the M5 came back into his life, marking a return to his roots and rekindling many memories. This car has a special history, as it was with it that the owner and his friend began their collaboration in the field of car preparation. 4 years later, we are still working together to complete the engine preparation project for the M5. Shiftech remains the BMW tuner, thanks to its extensive experience in the field.

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Upcoming BMW preparations

Now that the BMW M5 is back in the hands of its original owner and in the workshops of tuner Shiftech, it's time to think about engine modifications. Lucien explains that he wants to make a number of changes to the car. In particular, he plans to install a new turbo, a reinforced intercooler and more efficient injectors. In addition, he plans to modify the exhaust system to give it a more powerful and distinctive sound.

Defects to correct

Before embarking on engine preparation, it is important to diagnose any mechanical problems. The list of faults identified by the car's diagnostic system is long, very long. Mainly, there seems to be combustion misfiring in cylinders 5 and 7, which may indicate a problem with the spark plugs, coils or injectors. These will need to be checked and repaired, as will the rear differential, before the machine can be fully prepared.

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Preparing the engine for the BMW M5

Once the faults had been rectified, it was time to concentrate on preparing the engine. The owner wants to increase the power of the BMW M5 by fitting a new turbo and more efficient injectors. He also plans to reinforce the intercooler and modify the air intake line to improve engine performance. All these modifications should make it possible to obtain a power output in excess of 700 bhp, offering exceptional performance on the road.

Aesthetic modifications

In addition to the mechanical modifications, the owner also wants to make some cosmetic changes to the BMW M5. In particular, he plans to modify the bonnet to add vents, which will give it a more aggressive and sporty look. He also plans to install new bucket seats to improve comfort and support during sporty driving.


The BMW M5 is a legendary car that continues to fascinate car enthusiasts. In this video, we discover the story of an M5 that has marked the life of its owner. Today, this car is ready to be modified to achieve exceptional performance. Thanks to mechanical and aesthetic modifications, the BMW M5 promises to become a real racing beast. We can't wait to see the final result of this preparation and to discover the sensations this car offers on the road.


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